Most useful iPhone app to date – iLevel

iLevel uses iPhone accelerometer to work as a levelIn terms of real-world applicability, this might be the most useful iPhone application to date. So, just what is this uber-useful third-party iPhone app? Well, it’s called “iLevel,” and it is, well, a level.

iLevel makes use of the iPhone’s integrated accelerometers to function as a digital level for all your picture-aligning, table-building, driveway-leveling needs. Ok, you probably wouldn’t use your iPhone to help level your new concrete driveway, but you could if you wanted to…

Grab iLevel from the iApp-a-day source in your What, you still haven’t installed it yet? What are you waiting for? Go here, run, then install the iApp-a-day from the “Source” list, and then find and install iLevel. What are you waiting for? That picture ain’t gonna straighten itself, now is it?

[Via: iPhone Atlas]

  • raj

    … and it could be so much more. If it were a bubble level, then you could level in two directions at once. Sigh. Oh well. It’s better than no level at all.

  • Tom Hansen

    A digital level that does not read in percent is worthless in the real world. No one cares about
    an angle in degrees, but a 5% slope is the steepest ramp you can build without a handrail.

  • Curtis

    Tom Hansen your soooo wrong. No one cares about an angle in degrees? since when?
    I care about angles in degrees… to cut woodwork to level, to find an angle! WOW…
    I do agree that a 2D angle level would be nice.. and even nicer would be a angle difference. Or the ability to capture an angle such as the surface of a tablesaw that isn’t perfectly level then find the angle of the blade(more precise than the small incriments a compass has)

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