Palm’s upcoming OS is code-named Nova; First devices with next-gen OS to appear in February 2009

Palm logoIn case “wasting resources” isn’t the word you wanted to use to describe the “thing” Palm is working on for some time now, we have a new word for it. It’s called “Nova” and the company internally test it on the device codenamed “Zeppelin.” Plus, it’s one of the reasons the Treo maker is losing marketshare. They’ve invested so much resources in the upcoming Linux-based platform that it seems they’re losing ground to reality. I always argued they should license some of the existing mobile OS platforms like they already do with Windows Mobile. Why not go Symbian, Android, o LiMo and let other invest their resources in the platform.

Anyway, interested developers will get Nova in “some form” later in the year, while we’ll have to wait for the first devices powered by Palm’s next-gen OS till February 2009. Yeah, we’re out of patience…

[Via: PalmInfoCenter]

  • Tustin

    Isn’t nova what happens to star before it turns into a black hole?

  • deforge17


    That’s a Super Nova, which is a death of a burning star, in which it spews all kinds of new and important elements all over the universe, lifeless on their own, but important building blocks of future worlds and organisms.

    Nova just means ‘new’ in latin.

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