Could Android usher in a new era of connected devices?

Android is Google’s open source operating system designed to run on mobile phones, in particular those with ARM processors inside. What is to stop someone from taking Android and creating a UMPC like device or an ultra crazy thin subnotebook? Android applications should run on all devices and I’m sure Google Gears can be ported to enable offline access to the various Google services.

Intel is trying to get into the mobile phone space and their latest announced processors use 2W idling, which sounds impressive, until you realize that an entire Nokia N95 runs on less than that.

I know nothing is free and integration (making the software work on the hardware) costs begin in the low millions of dollars, but maybe, just maybe, someone can make a long lasting (12 hour battery life with heavy WiFi usage and bright screen) all day computing, full QWERTY keyboard equipped device that weighs less than 2 kilos and costs less than $1000.

If Palm only released the Folio I wouldn’t be making this request.

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