Panasonic to put plasma screens in mobile phones; No they won’t!

Panasonic to put plasma screens in mobile phones

At a press conference on Tuesday, Panasonic revealed its plans to use plasma technology in mobile phones. Apparently, the Japanese giant is already in talks with AT&T to deliver devices — or at least the technology needed — for the carrier’s upcoming mobile TV service. The idea is to rival OLED, and be used for a wide range of applications, including office phones, cameras, gas pumps, vending machines, ATMs, automotive displays, appliances and computer printers. Display uses proprietary technology licensed from AbleComm, Inc.

Plasma screen on a handset? Sounds tempting, can’t wait to see the first devices released, even though I doubt the first-gen phones will be that different/better from what we already have… Panasonic’s official release which mostly deals with changes in the company’s telecommunications and HDTV divisions is available on PRNewswire.

UPDATE: It seems this was an April’s Fool joke, even though it was released on the April 3rd. Now, that’s so wrong!

  • Kim


    Will the emerging markets version have a CRT tube? Apparently this release came out on the 3rd instead of the 1st, thus catching a lot of people out. . .

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