AT&T boosts 3G data network speeds ahead of 3G iPhone launch – 1.7Mbps/1.2Mbps HSDPA

AT&T boosts 3G network speedsIs AT&T’s newly launched HSUPA data network upgrade leaving you feeling unimpressed? Well, worry not, fellow 3G network surfer, AT&T’s got the just the thing to help quench that wireless data fiend within all of us.

Just a handful of days before Apple and Steve Jobs is scheduled to showcase the next-generation iPhone on the WWDC Keynote stage for all the world to see, AT&T has announced that they’ve boosted their new 3G HSPA network data speeds by a solid 20%. As a welcomed side-effect of AT&T’s new HSUPA network upgrade, the No. 1 US wireless carrier’s new HSPA (HSDPA and HSUPA) data network is now capable of 700Kbps to 1.7Mbps speeds on the downlink (HSDPA) – a nice little boost from 600Kbps to 1.4Mbps data speeds prior to the speed-increase. Customers will also benefit from uplink data speeds (HSUPA) of 500Kbps to 1.2Mbps, up from 500Kbps to 800Kbps.

The move echoes AT&T’s move to upgrade their EDGE data network ahead of the iPhone’s initial US-based launch. Out hats go off to AT&T for not only getting the first fully HSPA network up and running in the US, but also for making it just that much faster for 3G iPhone-toting customers. Next step, HSPA+ with 20Mbps downlink speeds next year – right, AT&T?

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