OpenMoko FreeRunner gets reviewed

OpenMoko FreeRunnerOpenMoko is still having a bit of trouble getting their Neo1973 successor, the OpenMoko FreeRunner, shipped out to eager Linux-phone fans. But, the folks over at Monochrome Mentality are keeping the Linux-fire stoked with a review of the OpenMoko FreeRunner.

From the get-go, the OpenMoko FreeRunner exudes a more minimalist style-approach – with simple, yet elegant packaging and a overall design aesthetic that lends a more OpenMoko FreeRunnersubdued feel to the FreeRunner, compared to the Neo1973.

Gone are the silver-rimmed edges of the Neo1973, replaced by an all-black finish that echoes the FreeRunner packaging’s understated looks. Of course, the clean-design of the FreeRunner hides the motion sensors, WiFi radio, and better integrated GPS that differentiate the FreeRunner from its similar-looking younger sibling.

Programmable LED lights give the FreeRunner an almost endless combination of colored lights and blinks with which to indicate missed calls, new messages, etc. And, with the $399 price tag, the OpenMoko FreeRunner should do quite well for itself once OpenMoko can stock enough to start shipping units to eager customers.

Check out the full review here.

[Via: Monochrome Mentality]

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