Apple lowers price on Apple Bluetooth headset

If you’ve had your eye on a sleek new Apple Bluetooth headset, but just couldn’t justify the $129 out-go, you’ll be glad to hear that Apple has lowered its asking price. A $30 price-cut nets you and Apple Bluetooth headset to complement that shiny, new iPhone 3G for just $99 – on par with high-end offerings from just about every other headset maker.

But, to cut costs, Apple will no longer be bundling their iPhone/headset charging Dual Dock. The Dual Dock will be sold separately for $49, which makes the Apple Bluetooth headset/Dual Dock combo a more expensive proposition. But, headset will still ship with a dual iPhone/headset charging cable, so all is not lost.

Apple Bluetooth headset dual charging cable

Which raises an interesting question. How many of you actually use the iPhone dock?

Thanks, jlim!

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