Q2 sales report puts BlackBerry ahead of WinMo, iPhone passing Palm


Gartner’s pitching their ballpark numbers for the second quarter of 2008, and RIM is coming up roses. BlackBerry constituted 17.4% of the global smartphone market last quarter, up nearly double from last year’s 8.9%, while Symbian continues to dominate 57.7% worldwide. RIM’s spurt outpaced Windows Mobile sales, which sat at 3,873,622, up 20% from last year. iPhone managed to barely squeak ahead of Palm last quarter, and growth continues to be substantial, but they still only claim 1% of the pie.  Overall smartphone sales grew 16% from the same time in 2007, totalling 32,221,175. RIM is slated to publish their results on September 25th., so stay tuned to see if these preliminary numbers stick.

[Gartner via jkOnTheRun]

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