Google shows off polished Android in London

Google’s Developer Day in London was home to the latest demonstration of the search giant’s Android mobile OS. Just as we saw with previous Android demonstrations, Google showed off their mobile platform on what looks to be an HTC Dream G1 with an ever so lightly disguised mug. A few bits of tape on the otherwise black handset isn’t exactly a first-class camouflage job, and there’s little doubt that the Android handset on display was indeed an HTC Dream G1.

The Android OS that Google showed off in London was decidedly more polished than what we’ve seen in previous demonstration videos. Notice the smooth-sliding homescreen panes and the slick finger-flick action on the Android web browser (we can’t wait for Chrome on Android). With the Android UI as refined as it is in this video, it’s not a far stretch to think that T-Mobile will be launching the HTC Dream G1 next month.

[Via: TechRadar]

  • Tom

    Yeah, I dunno… it’s cool but I’m not blown away. Maybe if this came out a year ago I’d be more impressed. That said, I’m happy another really competent device and platform are coming on the scene to compete.

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