T-Mobile to launch Android-powered HTC Dream G1 in October?

HTC’s got an Android-bun in the oven, and that little bun is just about golden-brown and ready for consumption. The HTC Dream G1 has been anxiously expected by mobile enthusiasts around the globe as the first smartphone to run Google’s new Android mobile platform. And, the latest rumblings along the e-grapevine now point towards T-Mobile launching the HTC Dream G1 earlier than expected – good news for Android fans, for sure.

T-Mobile could announce their Android-powered G1 as soon as September 23, making official the carrier’s work with smartphone manufacturing powerhouse HTC and search engine giant Google in pushing the limits of open-source mobile platforms. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that an “insider” claims that the HTC Dream G1 will ahead of the speculated November launch window. T-Mobile customers could see the T-Mobile HTC Dream G1 in stores as early as the end of October, which leaves plenty of time for holiday shoppers to get their fill of Android-powered smartphone goodness.

HTC Dream G1

HTC Dream G1

The HTC Dream G1 could hit the market with a price-point as low as $150, which makes the HTC Dream G1 almost a dream-come-true for power-users on a budget. And, with HTC reportedly expecting to move between 600,000 and 700,000 HTC Dream G1 units (beating previous analysts’ estimates of 300,000 to 500,000), the No. 4 US wireless carrier could see some serious revenue – not to mention the influx of new customers lining up for a chance to own the first Android-powered smartphone in the world.

The HTC Dream G1 has so far been spotted in the wild, shown on stage, and caught on video. And, with the T-Mobile G1 possibly poised to launch earlier than expected, we’ll soon be seeing the HTC Dream G1 in the flesh.

[Via: electronista]

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