Nokia’s Maemo 5 open-source Linux OS promises faster, more powerful Internet Tablets

Nokia Maemo 5 presentation

Nokia Maemo 5 presentation

Nokia’s little Linux-based, open-source darling has really blossomed into one fine looking platform. And, as the Maemo platform that powers Nokia Internet Tablets, like the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, again grows too big for its britches, Nokia will have to release newer versions of the Linux-based mobile platform.

Turns out, Nokia is already working on the next-generation Maemo platform, dubbed Maemo 5. Forget updating your current Maemo platform, there’s a new Maemo-wave cresting the horizon.

Nokia dropped a couple details about the 5th generation Maemo mobile OS today. Maemo 5 will apparently rock full HSPA support to pull down wireless data to your Internet Tablet anywhere, at any time, with blazing 3G connectivity. Maemo 5’s support for the TI OMAP3 processor should help boost system performance and graphics performance enough to make it worth talking about. And, the mention of a high-definition camera with integrated photo-sharing capabilities bodes well for next-generation Internet Tablets becoming full-fledged media platforms.

Better yet, all the work Nokia has put in to developing that allows for 3G/HSPA communication to the Linux kernel won’t be going to waste. Being an open-source supporter to the core, Nokia contributed their Maemo 5-derived codebase to the Linux Foundation. The move earned Espoo’s finest the distinction of being a Gold Sponsor of Linux Foundation.

We can’t wait to see Maemo 5 in action. But, with no word on backward device compatbility, nor on an actual launch window, we won’t be holding our breath.

[Via: InternetTabletTalk]

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