Apple working on own search engine or just a new search portal for iPhone?

Is Apple secretly working on developing their own search engine? Rumblings throughout the web, originating from TechCrunch, has Apple working to supplant the Google search engine that is currently integrated into both the desktop and mobile (iPhone) versions of its Safari web browser. Apple is apparently not satisfied with the current search engine experience that Google provides.

The rumor has some teeth, given Apple’s unique position to mine data from MobileMe users and the Cupertino-based company’s penchant for innovative and attractive interfaces. On the other hand, Apple doesn’t seem to be putting together anything resembling a search engine development team that they would need in order to play a game dominated by Google.

Interestingly, Google just recently revamped their iPhone-optimized search page for iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch users. The new iPhone-optimized Google search page could be seen, in light of this new rumor, as a move by Google to try and appease Apple’s desire for a more streamlined and intuitive search experience.

So, just what is Apple doing? Another interpretation of the rumor could be that Apple is working on a new search engine UI that utilizes Google’s underlying search engine but displays the search results in a more Apple-esque manner. We may just see Apple rolling out a new search UI for its iPhone and iPhone 3G that boasts minimalist design, playful icons, and possibly multi-touch integration.

Stay tuned…

[Via: TechCrunch]

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