Video Proof of Concept: Multi-Touch on the T-Mobile G1

I’ve been hearing rumblings over the past little while. Rumblings that hidden somewhere within all that lovely code that makes up the Android OS is the capability to make multi-touch a reality on the G1. Low-and-behold, this morning when I got down to a little bit of work, developer RyeBrye has posted a proof of concept video on exactly that feature. Looks like he’s been busy. Check out the video above.

This is clearly just a starting point for multi-touch development on Android for the G1 (and hopefully other devices soon). You have to love the open-ended possibilities with an open-source OS like Android. Whether or not multi-touch will come standard out-of-the-box on new Android devices remains to be seen… Looks like a lot of development still needs to be done. Now that the proof of concept is out there, I can actually hear the developers clamoring to help on development of multi-touch for Android.

(Ok, I can’t actually hear them… But you know what I mean).

[Via: RyeBrye]

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