New Wine Colored LG Vu 920 Coming to AT&T

The LG Vu is a pretty good bargain as far as touchscreen handsets are concerned. For just over $100, you get a lot of features in a nicely designed touchscreen handset. Rumors have been floating around recently that the device would be discontinued… and new reports suggest that is sort of the case. The 915 model should be gone soon, to be replaced by a newer 920 model.

When the LG Vu 920 arrives it will feature MediaFLO, and the usual bevy of bug fixes. On top of that (and more importantly for some), the LG Vu will be coming in a new ‘Wine’ color. The new color isn’t as out there as some of the pink devices we’ve been seing over the past few months, so this update should appeal to both the guys and the gals.

The new Wine colored LG Vu 920 should be making an appearance in stores soon. Look for the price point to hang around the same range as the previous version… Just a tad more than $100. A solid buy.

[Via: BGR]

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