Stalin-themed Nokia handsets spark controversy

Sales of Nokia handsets bearing images of of Russia’s Stalin have stirred up controversy in the Nokia camp. Granted, the mobile space is used to seeing mobile phone manufacturers and wireless carriers pushing out handset variants aimed at specific demographics. But, it’s not everyday that you see cellphones being sold through retail channels with a pre-loaded image of Stalin.

In a bid to distance themselves from the Stalin-themed Nokia handsets, Nokia has issued a statement that denies any involvement in the sale of these handsets. Nokia says that “even if Nokia was on the brink of ruin and release phones or panel with a portrait of Stalin was the only chance to save our business, Nokia [would not do] that.”

If Stalin-themed Nokia cellphones are your cup of tea, we hear shops in Moscow have stock. Otherwise, just know that Nokia isn’t down with Stalin either.

[Via: APA]

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