Beer O’Clock iPhone app will rock your weekend!

Beer O'Clock iPhone app

It’s Saturday, hence I’ll take the opportunity to rant about a neat, yet quite useless iPhone app called Beer O’Clock. This one’s definitely not designed to increase your productivity — rather it’s made to remind you how much time is left till your next beer. Hmm, in that sense it can actually do something to help you achieve more every day, right?

Here’s what the developer behind the app has to say about its work:

It’s always 5 O’Clock somewhere, right? Everyone says so, but now you can actually back it up. Beer O’Clock shows you a countdown to 5pm in your local timezone as well as a world map with an indicator of where in the world the 5pm drinking session is just getting underway. One click away is a list of countries in the timezone currently celebrating 5pm. So count the minutes until the start of your local happy hour or call it quits early and have a beer at lunch, like they’re doing right now 1/4 world away.

Again, nothing useful here and I wonder is it worth paying a buck ($0.99) for it. If I was working at some beer company I would license Beer O’Clock, brand it and offer the app as a free download. Now that would be something!

[Via: JustAnotherIphoneBlog]

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