Android RC33 Update to be Pushed out Between February 5 and February 15

G1An internal T-Mobile memo (T-Memo?) has heralded a glorious new dawn of Android: RC33. Yeah, yeah, it’s no cupcake, but there are a few new features coming down the pipes that make it notable.

“To ensure a great experience with the T-Mobile G1 with Google, customers with these devices will receive an Over the Air (OTA) update to their devices between February 5 and February 15. This OTA will include new system enhancements such as the ability to save pictures or files to file by long-pressing an item, check for system updates, and use the Google Voice Search feature. The OTA will also fix a number of known issues. New G1 activations will receive the OTA up to three days after service has been activated.”

Google Voice Search looks like the big thing, although it’s been available on other platforms for awhile now. Feel free to drop a comment with your impressions when RC33 gets pushed to your G1 sometime over the next couple of days.

[via TMoNews]

Update: Oh, hai. Not only do we get an official nod from the T-Mo forums, but we also get a full feature list. Hit the jump!

Comcast fails to download more than 1 email
* Symptom(s): No error message but it stays on “Load More Messages” without ever pulling another email.

“Messages” Stability Issue
* Symptom(s): When trying to send a message or exit the “Messaging” application you receive a pop up message that reads “Sorry! Activity Messaging (in application Messaging) is not responding. Force Close Wait”

WiFi forcing a logout of IM
* Symptom(s): While using the IM clients on the G1 if you turn on or off WiFi the sessions are terminated and you will need to sign back in.

No reminders for calendar items.
* Symptom(s): Missing appointments due to the lack of a reminder.

G1 hanging at the G1 Screen
* Symptom(s): A small number of G1 devices hanging at the G1 screen during the initial power up.

New Features:
* Support “Check For Upgrades” (New feature to check for system upgrades)
* Voice Search (New Google feature for searching)
* Ability to save pictures recieved as MMS

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