Microsoft goes official with Windows Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress!

windows-mobile-65-1It’s not like we didn’t know almost everything there is to know about the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS from the various leaks that have hit the web recently, but there’s just something about an official product launch to really get the hype-machine going.

In fighting for global attention on the first day of Mobile World Congress 2009, Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off their Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and its finger-friendly makeover. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off the mobile phone show’s inaugural Monday with a demonstration of the new Windows Mobile 6.5, highlighting Microsoft’s push to bring Windows Mobile up to speed with the touchy-feely UI offerings from the likes of Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson.

With a completely revamped Internet Explorer Mobile that windows-mobile-65-5allows for an enhanced mobile web browsing experience, a touch-optimized honey-comb applications launcher, a Zune-like homescreen, and at-a-glance access to missed calls, voicemails, new messages, and upcoming calendar events, the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS pushes the limits of just how finger-friendly the current Windows Mobile platform can really be.

Windows Mobile 6.5’s new Internet Explorer Mobile is built on the same underpinnings that support the desktop version of Internet Explorer 6. And, as such, the new Internet Explorer Mobile supports Flash and javascript functionality. Zooming and panning are now a simple matter of dragging the slider to your liking, while the “breadcrumb” feature shows you just where you are on a webpage.

windows-mobile-65-12The new honeycomb launcher makes it easy to launch an application with just a casual touch of a finger – the design apparently makes it easier to tap a desired icon accurately. But, the touch-friendly nature of Windows Mobile 6.5 doesn’t end there. The lock screen serves up information on things like missed calls, messages, and calendar events with a simple swipe of the screen – literally placing critical information at your fingertips.

The gallery shows screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.5 in action, so be sure to check it out.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has confirmed that current Windows Mobile devices won’t be blessed with the Windows Mobile 6.5 update. It seems Microsoft is looking to market their new touch-optimized Windows Mobile on new hardware, giving loyal Windows Mobile fans a swift kick in the pants at the same time.

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