O2 cracks the 1m barrier with the iPhone!

o2-iphone1O2 have announced they have sold a total of 1m iPhones! Well iNever! 🙂

Those surely are some good numbers – from memory, O2 have about 20m subs, so that would suggest with some basic stats that approx. 5% have had, or do have, an iPhone! Funny, it seems like more to me, I see the little blighters everywhere!

Even more fascinating, the so-called ‘halo’ effect in-store on other products must surely be something that O2 are loving – basically people coming to see the iPhone, and then buying a device or accessory whilst they are there. I’d guess there’s a degree of that online too…

Anyways, well done O2!

[Via: pocket-lint.co.uk]

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