The Free BlackBerry Wallpaper Search Engine


Matt from BerryWalls just dropped us a quick note to let us know a new public beta of ‘BerryWalls’ has been launched online. The site is a repository/search engine for BlackBerry Wallpapers. Try it out, it’s kinda cool. Start off by visiting BerryWalls, type in a search, and if the engine returns results, you can can use the handy dropdown at the top left to choose a resolution suited for your Berry. Easy and simple to use.

Ideally this engine would be accessible and usable via your Berry’s web browser, and Matt tells us that the mobile version of this site is still under development… So look for that soon as well.

Note: The site’s database of wallpapers is quite small right now… I’m hoping the team over there will bump this up to a substantial number in the near future… If you’d rather take things into your own hands you can help BerryWalls out by submitting your own wallpaper.

Thanks Matt!

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