Google releases mobile planetarium app for Android – Sky Map

Mobile planetarium app for Android - Sky Map

Google has released a new application for Android. It’s called Sky Map and it shows the sky based on your location and the direction you’re facing with your HTC Dream/Magic.

Using technologies built inside the two HTC Android smartphones — such as GPS, clock, compass and accelerometer — the application can show what’s the name of the star you’re pointing to. There’s also a search functionality: for instance, you can enter Saturn and the phone will display an arrow pointing to the object. As you get closer, the color of the arrow goes from blue to red and the app circles the object when you find it. Cool!

If you haven’t heard, 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, meaning it’s a perfect opportunity to brag around with your Android baby. Search for “Sky Map” in Android Market and take it from there. 😉

[Via: Google Mobile Blog]

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