AT&T ‘happy’ with data plan pricing

att-logo1Great, so AT&T is “happy” with their pricing on unlimited data plans. How does that affect you, the consumer? Well, it means AT&T isn’t likely to lower the pricing on their money-making unlimited data plan anytime soon.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel told Dow Jones Newswires that “We’ve been very happy with our pricing,” adding that the current unlimited data plan pricing would be in effect for the launch of the new Apple iPhone 3G S. Anyone picking up an iPhone 3G S on contract on June 19 will have to pony up $30 extra per month for the “unlimited” data plan.

We still don’t know what will come of AT&T Mobility chief Ralph de la Vega’s intimation last month that AT&T could roll out a limited data plan at a cheaper price point. A cheaper, limited data plan could attract new customers, but heavier data users like us will probably just scoff at having less than a handful of gigabytes at their disposal.

According to AT&T, iPhone users are good for 1.6x times the data revenue of the typical subscriber. But all that data usage comes at a price – AT&T is always playing catch-up to upgrade its data networks to accommodate increasingly heavier data traffic. That doesn’t come cheap, and AT&T isn’t going to be giving up their lucrative unlimited data plan pricing.

At the very best, keep your fingers crossed for a limited data plan offering from AT&T. Of course, you’re likely going to have to settle for a few hundred megabytes of data per month.

[Via: WSJ]

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