Amazon Launches AmazonWireless, Free 2-Day Shipping on All Devices


Looks like Amazon is officially joining the mobile fray. Today they have announced the beta launch of AmazonWireless, a new site that is offering cell phones and plans. Also unique to this store is a free two-day shipping policy… and, get this… no rebate madness! Yipee! One might have seen this coming, as Amazon has long been offering deals and discounts on phones in recent history.

The devices available at the moment are all on AT&T and Verizon… no other carriers are on-board at the moment. After taking a quick peek at the site, you can pick up a Samsung Eternity a867 for a penny… Yep, a penny… Actually, quite a few phones are available for a penny (BlackBerry Curve 8900 too!), but all of these deals of course force you to activate a new, or extend an existing contract. You’ll also need to hold on to and pay your monthly bills for a period of 181 days after activation. Policy also stipulates that you can’t change your service plan to a lower monthly rate… Doing so will subject you to additional charges.

Yadda, yadda, you know how it goes. You can check out the full terms and conditions for each device by clicking the T&C link on each device page.

Lots of deals are ready to be had. Check it out for yourself over at

[Via: BusinessWire]

  • INsano

    They’ve got stuff up for VZ now, maybe you just were so quick to see the release it wasn’t up yet!

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