Full Flash and Silverlight Planned for BlackBerry?

We had heard point blank from RIM’s Mike Kirkup back in February that Flash would find its way to BlackBerry sooner or later, but didn’t get any elaboration on whether it would be a toned-down Flash Lite, but early rumours suggest that it will be a full-blown version, and come along with Silverlight support. Network bandwidth is a bit of a bottleneck right now, so we’ll have to wait until next summer when the likes of LTE are more readily available, but it’s still good to hear RIM’s working on significantly updating their browser. There has certainly been big talk about the native browser matching iPhone’s Safari by next summer, and Flash was definitely on my list of requirements to pull off such a daunting feat, especially after enjoying it on the N86’s browser. The inclusion of Silverlight, though a bit less exciting, is brand new information, and should amply round out the browser upgrade.

[via BGR]

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