Sony Ericsson releases headphones that only work on Sony Ericsson phones; fantastic!

That whole “Put Your Ears in Control” thing we told you about last week was for the Sony Ericsson MH907 Motion Activated Headphones. They’re a bit special. Say you’re listening to music and a call comes in, simply remove one of the ear buds and boom, you’ve answered the call. Want to hang up? Just plug the other earbud back in. I’ll never use these things since 1: I don’t have a Sony Ericsson phone and 2: I hate headphones that you stick in your ears. I can imagine how the meeting took place to develop these things.

Japanese Guy: We need to be innovative and show the market how smart we are!

Swedish Guy: I feel like going to IKEA.

Japanese Guy: No seriously, we can invent something cool, like headphones that make using a mobile phone easier!

Swedish Guy: What are you saying? Sorry, I was listening to ABBA on my iPhone.

Japanese Guy: You took the earbud out to listen to me, I think you’re on to something!

Swedish Guy: Can we go to IKEA already? They have a sale on this couch I’ve always wanted.

Japanese Guy: Can we do karakoe afterwards with your hot Swedish lady friends?

Swedish Guy: No.

Japanese Guy: 🙁

The press release has no useful information such as the frequency response, price or release date. Maybe that’s because they know no one is going to buy these things?

Update: A review of the headphones on has been posted on Mobile Review, and yes, it is in English. Conclusion: “Wrapping it all up, I must say that I’m anxious to buy it already, and it’s been a while since the last time I said something along these lines about a Sony Ericsson branded product. However, I strongly recommend trying it out before purchase to see if these headphones will fit into your ears. Other than that, it’s an interesting, novel and likable headset.”

Video below is in Russian:

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