iPhone App: AT&T’s “Mark the Spot” turns iPhone owners into wireless network testers

att-iphone-reporting-appA long, long time ago I was once told that if people in Japan ever experienced a dead zone, they would simply call their mobile operator, tell them what happened and where, and soon their problem would be fixed and an apology would be issued. Will AT&T do the same with their “Mark the Spot” iPhone application [iTunes link] remains to be seen, but it’s an awesome attempt to fix their problems, even if it’s just a publicity stunt.

Here is how “Mark the Spot” works: You turn the application on after you’ve experienced terrible service from AT&T, select the problem you’ve experienced, allow the GPS to get a fix of where the problem is, and then hit submit. Done. That data is then feed to AT&T and what they do with it is anyone’s guess. Here is hoping they actually improve the network. All operators should offer a similar application.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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