Qualcomm officially announces the new BREW Mobile Platform

BREWIf you recall, we did talk about Qualcomm’s plans to update its BREW platform, and have mentioned that it may also have HTC and Acer on board. Now at the CES, they are officially announcing the new open Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP) operating system, which will be accompanied by a “host of new and revamped support offerings for OEMs and developers.”

Qualcomm’s idea is to tap the mass market, yet enabling some of the features found in today’s high-end smartphones. To do so, they’ve come up with a plan, which looks something like this:

  • In early 2010, Qualcomm will unveil its revamped online resources to help developers tap into Brew.
  • Standardization of Brew MP application testing is planned to lower testing costs.
  • First Brew MP-powered devices will be available in the U.S. and key international markets by the late summer of 2010.

In a separate announcement, AT&T said it will join the wave and offer Brew MP-based devices later this year.

As we have more and more platforms available in the market, one wonders where it all leads. I would expect to see some of the industry consolidating, though it’s not clear who will buy whom, at this stage. We keep watching, commenting, and stuff. 😉

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