Did the real Apple Tablet just stand up (in pics)?


These are either the best ever mockup images of the one and only Apple Tablet, or they’re the real deal. Either way, we’ve just spied newly “leaked” images of what is supposed to be the widely rumored and highly anticipated tablet device from Cupertino. The photos depict a seriously slim slate showing off its svelte frame as it sits atop of a MacBook Pro – possibly too convenient a photo opp, if you ask us.

The photos come from user interface “maker” Dustin Curtis’s Posterous page. If the name rings a bell, that’s because you probably remember his redesign of American Airlines’ AA.com website, which eventually got an AA employee fired over their commentary on Dustin’s website remake. The photos look real enough, and they match up to what Apple’s tablet looks like in our collective minds. But, to us, Dustin seems an unlikely candidate to have pre-release access to the Apple Tablet.

Still, these purported tablet images are too good to dismiss off-hand. Like we said, they’re either damn good or legit.


Apple is expected to unveil their tablet at the Jan. 27th launch event in San Francisco, so we’ll definitely know for sure how legit these pics actually are in a couple days.

What do you think? Real or just a really good fake?

[DustinCurtis via: Mashable]

  • Satish

    It’s a photo shop effect. I you see the second image carefully there is no sign of lines in the reflection, while they are in the wallpaper.

  • kfury77

    faker than a very fake thing. look at the reflection of the apple logo in the second pic, totally out of place! the shadow of the tablet on the top image is far too soft. fake. fake. fake.

    (nice design tablet though)

  • Rlove1221

    it looks very sleek and attractive like all apple products, but I can see many clumsy people having a ” oops it fell out of my hands” problem . if this is the new slate be ready for a whole new market of itablet/slate holders.

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