WorldMate Live Plugs Travellers into LinkedIn

WM BB LI high res

In their latest version, WorldMate Live has included some new functionality with professional social network, LinkedIn. Basically, this would broadcast your travel plans to all of your connections so they have an opportunity to meet up with you if the opportunity’s there. Even if you don’t have the time to check your LinkedIn feeds to see who’s going where, mobile alerts through the app will now let you know if any connections are in town.

WorldMate Live is one of my favourite travel planning apps for BlackBerry, hands-down. In plugs into Outlook, it’s easy to update your itinerary with new items (hotel, travel, meetings, etc.), and access flight info for peace of mind. The social networking aspect of travel apps isn’t entirely new, though – TripIt recently made its way to BlackBerry, and established itself initially for sharing location information with LinkedIn contacts. I’ll have to compare the two at some point, for Mobile World Congress next week, I’m going with WML. Hit up WorldMate Live for more info, or App World to download the free version – a premium Gold subscription provides a few extra goodies for the serious globetrotters.

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