Toshiba TG02 and K01 WinMo smartphones unveiled, both powered by 1GHz CPU

Toshiba unveiled two new phones at the Mobile World Congress today. We don’t have all the details at present, but I’m sure full specs will emerge within days. The devices announced are the long-time rumored (and FCC approved) TG02 and K01, both of which get their power from a 1GHz CPU (we guess Snapdragon) and both running Windows Mobile 6.5. Here’s the specs rundown:

Toshiba TG02

  • 4.1-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • Super-slim design (9.9mm)
  • Customized 3D user interface

Toshiba K01

  • 4.1-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Side-sliding QWERTY keyboard
  • Slim body (12.9mm)
  • microSD memory card slot

In addition, I’m guessing both phones sport HSPA and WiFi connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth and so on…

And for the record, we’ve seen these in that leaked Toshiba roadmap back in April of last year.

  • Ann Julie

    1 Ghz is a lot for a smartphone and it shows Toshiba’s intention to enter this race aggressively.

    GOOD. T-Mobile should learn something.

  • perez

    thats what i call a real phone! is badass!

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Anonymous

    K01 WinMo smartphones  looks nice . I loike it very much.

  • Anonymous

    K01 WinMo smartphones  looks nice . I like it very much.

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