GSMA pilots mobile spam reporting tool

The GSMA is piloting a solution to address mobile spam, which is a growing issue for both consumers and mobile operators. The GSMA Spam Reporting Service will provide a worldwide clearinghouse of messaging threats and misuse which have been reported by mobile users.

Here’s how it works (from the press release):

The GSMA Spam Reporting Service, which is operated on behalf of the GSMA by Cloudmark, Inc., will analyze SMS traffic and identify and aggregate reports of misuse submitted by mobile subscribers of participating networks via a short code. The short code ‘7726’, which spells “SPAM” on most phones, will be used where local national numbering plans permit, in conjunction with an additional code ‘33700’, a universally recognized simple code, to encourage consumers to report instances of SMS spam. With this reporting mechanism, consumers will be able to direct alleged spam to a responsive feedback system, which will acknowledge the report and inform their service providers so that appropriate action can be taken. This action can include investigations, warnings and blocking of senders who have been repeatedly reported by end users as sending unsolicited or fraudulent messages.

The new service is in trials with leading operators including AT&T Mobility, Korea Telecom and France’s SFR. Each participating operator will receive correlated reports with data on threats and misuse originated both within and outside of their network. Cloudmark, which is a global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, is operating the GSMA Spam Reporting Service…

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