Motorola Charm to Pack New Motoblur, Headed to T-Mobile?

A new Android handset from Motorola is finding its way to T-Mobile, according to a collection of screenshots from web-based training. The Motorola Charm is a rather wide candybar with a full QWERTY keyboard, running Android 2.1 and an improved version of Motorola’s user interface and services, Blur. The new features, which will come to the Cliq and the Cliq XT as well, include more home screens (7 total), resizable Motoblur home screen widgets, Facebook Likes, and Twitter retweets.

There’s no info on hard specs, like RAM, processor, screen resolution, or camera quality, but no doubt those will come in good time. As a BlackBerry guy,  I couldn’t imagine typing on keys that blocky, but I can certainly appreciate having the wider screen, considering every QWERTY BlackBerry since the 9000 has sacrificed screen size for pocketability.

[via Engadget]

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