Vodafone’s iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go sells out within 24 hours!

Vodafone's iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go sells out within 24 hours!Remember that Vodafone UK’s iPhone 4 offer on Pay As You Go? We didn’t liked it much, but apparently many people did. I assume the idea of signing a 12-24 month contract isn’t appealing to everyone, hence we’ve seen Vodafone clearing out its iPhone 4 stock for that particular offer. Best of all (for Vodafone and lucky fast buyers), it happened within the first 24 hours!

The iPhone 4 is out of stock on Pay As You Go plans with other carriers in the UK, as well. O2’s website says the 16GB model is completely out of stock and the same is true with Tesco Mobile and Orange. Three and T-Mobile do not yet sell the iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go.

You can pre-order device on some carriers and wait up to three weeks to get in on a no-commitment plan.

If you’re in a hurry to grab the iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go, PocketGamer suggests threatening your carrier that you’ll leave them if they don’t get one for you. That may not work 100% but could shorten the waiting time. If you have some other strategy (other than buying the iPhone on eBay), don’t hesitate to share it in our comments below. 😉

[Via: Electricpig]

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