Apple iOS 4.1 Will Not Fix iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issues

Are you getting frustrated with dialing or hanging up on your friends with your cheek while on your iPhone 4? Word was that Apple iOS 4.1, which is now in its beta stages, would fix the annoying proximity sensor issue that plagues the iPhone 4. However, it seems that we’ll have to wait quite a bit longer before this bug or issue is patched because it’s not coming with iOS 4.1.

According to Apple spokesperson Fiona Martin, the Cupertino-based company has yet to resolve the issue. For those hoping for a fix when the next big update comes, they will be in some disappointment. After all, Steve Jobs did promise that the issue would get fixed with the next big update, but like the ever elusive white iPhone 4, it’s set for some undefined time in the future.

The Next Web reports:

When Steve Jobs took to the stage to address the signal issues, he also said that Apple would work on a fix for the proximity sensor glitch, releasing it when they launched the next major iOS 4 upgrade.

With iOS 4.1 in its final beta testing stages and about to be released to the world, it appears the fix will not be forthcoming when it rolls out to users.

Hurdles come up, deadlines get extended and plans are delayed, so we’ll just have to sit around patiently and wait on Apple’s word for when the fix may come. Don’t forget that iOS 4.1 will also bring additional new features within the camera and Game Center for those of you who are big fans of mobile gaming. You can check out more details on the upcoming iOS software update here. Until then, enjoy the accidental dialing, the screen that just turns on and off as it pleases when you bring it close to your ear, and so forth.

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  • How about a fix for the iPhone 3G’s horrendously slow performance in 4.x+?

  • David J

    This article is complete fabrication and sensationalism. 4.1 does indeed completely fix this issue.

    • Wrong. Devs who have the iOS 4.1 GM have told me they are still suffering proximity sensor issues.

      • David J

        Why would a developer be testing a proximity sensor? How and why would a developer know how to create a test to include all the variables within the matrix of programming, hardware, software, algorithms & proprietary based logic needed to even test this issue adequately. Question the tests they are using to mimic the issue. Bare in mind that every single phone that has a proximity sensory has many week points when any number of variables are met. It does not mean their sensors are broken. The iphone 4 running 4.1gm is what the phone should have been released as. I am sorry for those who had to endure 10 weeks of issues until 4.1 is released to the general public.

        • sunil

          Anybody with a brain knows how to fix this motion detector problem. Just implement a slide bar to access your dialpad/options when on the phone!!! It’s not complicated!

    • It certainly doesn’t fix the problem… Another Apple screw up. I’m sure Uncle Steve will just tell everyone they’re using it wrong, just like the antenna issue!

  • Kyle

    How about this being the real reason Mark Papermaster was fired…

    If you look at the 3g and 3gs, you can see the sensor when you hold it up to the light. You cannot see it on the iphone 4. It appears that it was painted over…and may be causing the issue.

    • David J

      This was addressed in beta 2 and enhanced in beta 3. There is a visible diode that appears lit when conversing on the phone now. Try as I might I simply cannot cause the previous issues anymore. The prox sensor is now doing the job it was supposed to. The comments from Australia are simply not current. Beta 3 has be available for 27 days now and it seems pretty solid. 4.1 is days away.

  • Janet

    I have had no problems with the antenna (mind you, I have the bumper) but I have definitely noticed the proximity sensor issues. I’m hoping they fix it. I have no plans on returning the phone.
    I love my iP4 and very enjoyable with it, maybe you can call me fanboy, yup, that is, thanks apple give such a fantastic Phone. Now With the iP4 and iPhone 4 Video Converter from iFunia, Im sucking in top summer movies.

  • AussieAnnie

    Are others having my problem where I inadvertently press the Mute button (with my face) when talking on iPhone 4 ?

  • I personally have never had this problem with my iphone, but since reading up on it i saw some videos and can imagine how annoying it must be. Can’t believe Apple have not fixed it!

  • Emptyel

    How would they fix a hardware issue with a software update !?!?

    • David J

      What engineering school to you want to pretend you went to? The issue was resolved in beta at least a month ago. The CEO has already keynoted that the issue is resolved.

      • Mike

        I’ve used ALL of the betas and can say with 100% certainty that the prox sensor issue still exists, at least for the way I use the phone.

        Your comments are baseless in sayin that the issue has been resolved

      • Kris

        So I’m an engineering student from stanford (though irrelevant), and the proximity sensor definitely is still an issue for some after the update – for me personally, it’s made my phone practically unusable unless I use a headset. A friend of mine at apple just confirmed it and told me to just return the phone. Let’s not be so patronizing and belittling next time, eh?

      • jack

        pompus shit head

  • BrianF.

    I have a “lemon” iPhone. And for the fanboys out there who are in denial that these “lemons” don’t exist, let me tell you – I used to be a hugEEE Apple supporter… but now I’m weighing out the pros and cons of dropping my contract with AT&T and get on a droid X – which is just as cool in my opinion. Of course it lacks a few things the ip4g has but it’s a trade off, the droid has the HDMI port, and some other cooler apps. BUt the BIGGEST problem for me and my crappy iphone is the GD dropped calls. I work in sales, so I make around 80 calls a day on average. Out of those 80 calls I will get about 15-20 dropped calls all throughout the day. @Janet – for me, the iPhone 4g is NOT a great phone, it’s a great toy to play around with, but as far as being a PHONE it is the WORST. My blackberry preformed better, sure the apps weren’t there, but at least I wasn’t swearing and apologizing to customers because it would drop out when they were reading me back shipping information. And yes, I ALSO have the proximity issue, but like I said, I used to be a fanboy, so if there’s a possible solution for a problem with Apple I will use it. For the proximity issue, I just use my headphones when I talk now, and that works out fine. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about the shitty service and dropped calls. The iPhone 4g for me is not a phone, it’s a toy that sometimes may work as a phone. Sorry for the rant, but this seriously has made me so F*ing mad the last 3-4 months. If the next few updates don’t fix the problem, I’m out. It always seem the people who don’t complain about the phone, don’t actually talk on the phone a lot, they just play with apps and whatnot… i need a beer.

    • Mike


      I know it’s a crappy workaround, but there is a free app called callguard which I use for the issue.

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