Google buys mobile gaming company SocialDeck

Android gaming could get a boost with Google's SocialDeck purchase
Android gaming could get a boost with Google's SocialDeck purchase

If you’re tired of Android gaming being behind the Apple iPhone, you should be happy to know that Google is bolstering its mobile gaming portfolio with the purchase of SocialDeck.

On its website, SocialDeck said, “We started this company with the goal of connecting friends through social games on all kinds of exciting new mobile devices. We’ve been amazed and humbled by all of the stories and experiences our customers (you!) have shared with us.”

As you can see from this demo video, SocialDeck makes gaming platforms that works across multiple smartphone operating systems including Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry. It’s way too early to tell what this purchase will lead to but I think it’s safe to assume that Android will have better gaming in the future.

The move comes as the mobile gaming space is heating up and we’re seeing traditional players start to recognize the threat that apps play. Nintendo has acknowledged that Apple is the “enemy of the future” and it is bringing out the Nintendo 3DS to offer a different experience. Sony may be using its phone partner, Sony Ericsson, to produce a super game phone based on Android 3.0 that could be the much-rumored PlayStation Phone.

Google also recently hired a gaming advocate and the upcoming version of Android should enable better graphic performances. The competition is not going to rest on its laurels though.

Apple introduced a social game network for its iPhone apps during the iOS 4 presentation but the Game Center hasn’t hit the masses. I would expect this to launch with iOS 4.1 and we could see that released as soon as this Wednesday, when Apple holds a media event.

Android is a major reason for this purchase but Google is also reportedly readying a desktop social network to go against Facebook. SlideDeck could

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