Napster Launches iPhone App for Unlimited Music Streaming Service

Napster, the grand-daddy of peer-to-peer file sharing, has finally brought their premium music service to mobile with an iPhone app. It was put on pause about a year ago due to licensing fees being just a tad bit too high, but clearly they’ve worked something out since then. For $10/month, Napster on iPhone will allow you to stream music over Wi-Fi or 3G, cache up to 100 tunes locally for when you’re outside of coverage, arrange playlists, listen to Billboard charts all the way back to 1955, or give the Automix prediction engine a shot to discover new artists similar to what you like.

As is often the case with mobile music services, Napster is only available in the U.S. for now. If that’s not a problem, go ahead and sign up for Napster plus Mobile Access or activate a free trial, then hit up the download link below.

– Download for iPhone ($10/month) [iTunes Link]

[via Engadget]

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