Verizon Helps Find Lost Cell Phones with Asurion

Verizon, with help from the Asurion Mobile Recovery app, is now going to help you find your lost cell phone with GPS assistance. You can think of it as Find my iPhone, but for Android, BlackBerry and webOS on Verizon’s network. As an extended part of the Total Equipment Coverage protection plan, if you lose your phone, Verizon will help you locate it using the phone’s GPS system.

Of course, this doesn’t cover every phone in Big Red’s armory, but perhaps the ones you would want to find most – like the Android or BlackBerry smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars without a contract – are on the list of those covered. If you’re already enrolled in Total Equipment Coverage, the Mobile Recovery app by Asurion is free.

Engadget reports:

When enabled, it will allow users to remotely lock the device, sound an alarm (solving the infamous “couch cushion” dilemma) and wipe contacts from the phone. If a recovery proves unsuccessful, the carrier will supposedly provide you with a next-day replacement, but we’ve got an idea that there are quite a few lines of fine print to read beforehand.

At the very least, you can get an immediate replacement for your phone if VZW just can’t find your device. Bonus! And you can rest assured that you’ll have all the remote-wipe features available to you, just like MobileMe or your company’s enterprise security features.

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  • Really very useful app, but I hope nobody loses their phone!!..

  • Really very useful app, but I hope nobody loses their phone just like that!!..

  • mithc wilson

    i live in alabamit doesntgive me that choice

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