Yahoo! Announces Livestand, a Personalized Magazine App for Tablets

Yahoo! today announced an upcoming app for the iPad and Android tablets called Livestand which will aim to deliver unified, personalized content in a sharp magazine-style layout. Yahoo! has tons of properties to draw upon to deliver this content, like Sports, News, Finance, and Flickr, and they’re reaching out to advertisers and publishers to fill it up even further. As you can see, you’ll be able to peruse different categories of content and subscribe to tailor-made channels, or if you prefer, build channels based on keywords. The app is also time and location-aware, so you’ll get content specific to where you are and what time you’re browsing.

It’s an interesting idea, and they’re hinting that the experience will be coming to smartphones eventually, too. With the likes of The Daily, Wired, and others setting a precedent for magazine-style content on tablets, Livestand will likely find good company on tablets, and will be able to compete by pulling on a fast-paced stream of fresh online content. Unfortunately, it seems like these styles of apps aren’t doing particularly well on iTunes, but maybe Livestand will be able to see a bit more success if they avoid any pay-per-issue or subscription fees, and just rely on advertising and their existing online content streams to offer Livestand for free.

No launch date was mentioned, but we’ll keep an eye out for any further announcements.  Advertisers and publishers can hit up the Livestand landing page.

  • Anonymous

    It has a pretty clean look to it. Not sure if this is much better than just going to Yahoo’s news page or having a nice RSS reader, but I can’t blame them for trying to improve the Yahoo experience and make it more relevant again. More Free iPad apps:

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