Samsung bada OS 2.0 detailed at the Mobile World Congress

Although most of us are still skeptical on the prospects of Samsung’s bada platform, the Korean company doesn’t give up pushing it forward. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung talked about plans for bada OS 2.0, highlighting the upcoming updates. Among the things we should expect in bada 2.0, we find multitasking, push notifications, NFC support, Wi-Fi Direct, FlashLite 4, Flash-based interactive lock screen, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, HTML5 and more. Before I go on and drop my two-cents, let me point you to a link from where you can download Samsung’s presentation of bada OS 2.0 – it’s here.

Now what do we make of it. From what I can tell, Koreans will push bada toward the low and mid-range spectrum. Samsung already supports few other platforms, including Windows Phone 7 and Android, and I can’t think of a reason why they spend resources on another mobile OS. Licensing is not the issue with Android (cause it’s free) so what gives? Personally I think they’re preparing for the moment when Android will become too resource intensive for low and mid-range devices, requiring a 1GHz processor to keep things running smoothly. Any thoughts? Comments for is all yours.

[Via: SamsungHub]

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