Microsoft teams up with Rovio to market Bing using Angry Birds

Angry Birds Bing
Angry Birds Bing

Here is an interesting combination. Microsoft has teamed up with Rovio Mobile and is using the popular Angry Birds game to market its Bing search engine. Microsoft trails Google in search and has lots of cash to throw at unusual pairings such as this. The marketing effort launched yesterday with the release of two short Angry Birds videos. The two videos are available on Bing’s YouTube channel and feature the adorable Angry Birds characters interacting with Bing image search and Map search.

The videos are part one and two of a four-part advertising series; parts three and four are expected to be released soon. You can check out the two clips below. Though the ads are cutesy, it is weird to see a game that originated on Apple’s iOS App store being used to promote Microsoft’s search engine via videos hosted on Google’s YouTube website. Wild isn’t it?

[Via Unwired View and YouTube]

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    Also Kelly, Angry Birds isnt available on Windows Phone 7 yet! MS are crazy

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