Apple may be prepping surprise for retail 10th anniversary

Apple Store may be planning a surprise
Apple Store may be planning a surprise

Apple could be planning a big surprise this Thursday in order to commemorate its 10th anniversary of its retail stores.

Rumors suggest that the Apple stores are gearing up for some new hardware over the weekend or, at least, a new product that involves some retail display. The timing is odd though because we’re still a few weeks away from the WWDC conference, where the company generally likes to introduce new devices.

Normally, we’d be expecting the next iPhone around this time but reports suggest we may not see this until the Fall. So, what could the Apple retail store 10th anniversary surprise be?

I’m not quite sure but feel free to leave your guess in the comments.

[Via CNET]

  • Anonymous

     A magic wand?  Just swoosh through the air to control your Apple devices with AirGesture(TM).  No complicated driver installs – it “just works” Simply magic (wand)

  • Anonymous

     The iCar?

  • Scottfriedrich98

    Id like to see Apple release a smaller iPhone in order to penetrate the prepaid market and take on android.

  • Jarrod

    probably lion OS…. would surprise me its about the time it might come out

  • ravindra suhtar

     I think, it is time of new Mac mini only with ix processor.

  • Cristobalviel

     the new mobileme !!!! come on  !!

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