How-To: Enable text auto-correction on the Nokia N8 and C6-01

For some reason Nokia is shipping select Symbian^3 smartphones with text auto-correction turned off. Nokia C7 comes with the feature enabled by default and the E7 has a full QWERTY keyboard so it doesn’t need it. The two “problematic” devices are the N8 and C6-01, making typing on the virtual keyboard a pain. Luckily there’s an easy way to resolve this.

  1. First of all, start the application where you want to enter text (i.e. Messaging).
  2. Tap “New message,” “Reply” or “Forward” to bring up a text editing page.
  3. Tap in the text entry area to start the virtual QWERTY keyboard (in landscape mode).
  4. Tap the menu icon, then “Input options” and then “Activate prediction.”
  5. Go back to the keyboard menu and tap on “Settings”
  6. Select “Show suggestion” from “Text correction mode.”

And you’re done. Now typing we’ll feel almost like you’re on an iPhone or some Android device, with software automatically fixing your typos. We say “almost” because Symbian^3 devices don’t support multi-touch on virtual keyboards. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming Symbian Anna update which will also feature a portrait virtual keyboard…

[Via: AllAboutSymbian]

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