Latest Android stats shows Froyo still on top, Honeycomb still below 1%

Google recently released the most up to date Android version stats for the last two weeks ending on July 5th, and while there are now a few new API levels to look at, the report remains largely the same from previous months. While Android 2.2 Froyo remains the most used version of the OS, Gingerbread is on the rise and Honeycomb still struggles to gain 1% of all devices.

The four versions of Gingerbread (2.3, 2.3.2 & 2.3.3, 2.3.4) have been divided up by API levels 9 and 10. Collectively, the Gingerbread branch consists of 17.7% of all devices now but we can assume that this will be the fastest growing version of the next couple of months, namely API level 10. Android 2.2 Froyo still holds almost 60% of all devices and has begun its decent, albeit slowly.

Android 1.5 – 2.1 still collectively holds over 20% of all devices, which is still a decent amount considering Android 2.1 was announced in January of 2010 with the Nexus One launch. Users still running on anything below Froyo should really consider upgrading. Even the LG Optimus One will be receiving the Gingerbread bump, so you have a budget option to rid yourself of anything below 2.2.

Honeycomb has still yet to grab a full 1% of Android devices but this isn’t much of a surprise. With a million handsets activated every other day, most of which are not tablets, Google’s latest version of Android will likely take quite a while to gain some ground. Consider that there are only a few Honeycomb tablets worth buying today and it becomes all too clear.

In the coming months we’ll likely begin to see Froyo’s dominance wane and Gingerbread flying sky-high, as most new handsets today ship with at least Android 2.3. That said, once Gingerbread becomes the dominant version of the OS Ice Cream Sandwich will appear and the cycle continues.

[Via: AndroidDevelopers]


  • Jess

    That is only because the carriers can’t or won’t get off their butts and push the updates.

  • Anonymous

    This is a retarded article. Of course honeycomb is going to be low. It’s not made for phones.

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