Divalicious for iPhone promises to make apparel shopping easy

A company called Weyrich Enterprises released a mobile shopping application – Divalicious, which is said to bring more than 300 popular brands, comprised of almost one million items of apparel, shoes and accessories for women, men, children and infants under one roof.

All that would be simple, but there’s more. The application also comes with the virtual mannequin which is available via the so called “Dress Yourself” feature that allows you to see how all items can be pieced together, viewed as an entire ensemble, and purchased. In addition, there are options to browse products by Brand, Store, Size, Color, Occasion, Price and/or Sale. Then, once you find something you like, you can click to order and the application will transfer you to the mobile website from where you can proceed. Finally, some other features also come included, such as wish list and sharing capability…

Like it? Hit the link below and take it from there.

Divalicious (FREE) [iTunes link]

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