First Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices to land in October

While many have been patiently awaiting an official word from Google as to when we will be able to get our sticky hands on the first Ice Cream Sandwich device, a source familiar with the project recently tipped off the boys over at BGR, and claim that a device could be on its way in October.

Ice Cream Sandwich is the most ambitious release Google has announced in Android’s short lifespan, and it certainly promises a lot. The next version of the OS will bring a seamlessness across phones and tablets alike, which will make for a cleaner experience for users and developers alike. Like Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich will also eliminate the need of physical buttons on phones, which could lend to cleaner handset designs.

Of course, the device we’re all waiting for is the next phone to be deemed worthy of the Nexus brand. With quite a few rumors floating around, the next Nexus phone looks like it will be coming from Samsung once again, and possibly be called the Nexus Prime. With basically any spec one could possibly ask for in the rumored specs, the Prime should be able to take on any handset that crosses its path, and Google is counting on that.

With all eyes on Apple and the iPhone 5, Google is looking to release its flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone around the same time. There’s also the rumor that Google’s strategy has changed a bit and will release multiple Ice Cream Sandwich handsets on all four major carriers at the same time. While Google could still release one Nexus-branded handset, it could have been working closely with multiple manufacturers, giving them exclusive access to the latest version of the OS so that more than one device will land around the same time.

If you’ll be in the market for an Android handset sometime in the coming months, may we suggest you hold off on your purchase until at least October. If this rumor is to be believed, the Halloween month looks to be filled with treats, rather than tricks.

[Via: BGR]

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