More Nexus Prime specs leaked – Galaxy Nexus?

So after the world was sent in a tissy for a user agent profile that wasn’t even for the Nexus Prime, some of the rumored specs have been reaffirmed, yet again. This time, GSMArena’s tipster has confirmed some of the already known rumored specs, and shared some new ones, including a possible new name for the device.

First off, one of the newest nuggets of information is that the handset may not be called the Nexus Prime after all, but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I don’t know about you but putting the Galaxy branding before Nexus just doesn’t seem right for a “Pure Google” phone. While it would be a hard name to swallow (and we’ll keep calling it Nexus Prime as long as we can), we’d still take the thing over what’s currently available today, especially when those juicy, rumored specs keep getting reaffirmed.

According to the tipster, the handset will sport a 4.65 inch display with a HD resolution (read: not WVGA). With devices like the Galaxy Note sporting such a resolution with little more than an inch more of real estate, it’s not surprising to hear that the next Nexus device will bear such a display. Said display will also remain curved like the Nexus S, which gives a more natural feel when put to the face, not to mention some subtle sexiness.

If you’ve owned a Samsung smartphone over the past few years, you’d know it’s a handset-maker that loves its plastics. Luckily, the Nexus Prime will fit snugly into a metal chassis and only be 8.8mm thin. While the in-hand feel of the upcoming Galaxy S II is nowhere near as cheap as the original felt, a metal chassis will bring a whole new level to Samsung devices, which is something others have been doing, and doing right, for some time now.

Time frame of the Nexus Prime? Late October. This date jives well with what we’ve been hearing and we may have one big treat for Halloween.

[Via: GSMArena]


  • this almost seems too good to be true

  • sam

    i see heat problems coming along..

  • alex

    phone sounds too good hopefully that phone is like the leaked picture today

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