Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix is on the way

The volume bug issue on the Galaxy Nexus, which was first spotted in the U.K. may have a fix on the way soon. Many users have reported ghost-like volume movement, random muting, and erratic response from the new Nexus the device. Well, this all looks like it will be coming to an end, as someone from the Android PR team confirmed to the folks over at Android Police.

Android PR sent the following message to Android Police:

“We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible.”

Apparently the cause to this weird bug was an issue having something to do with the use of 2G signal, specifically related to the use of a 900 MHz frequency, which is used by many European carriers. This problem brought fears that something may be wrong with the hardware itself. The fact the Google is hard at work with the cure is great, but there’s no word as to when the “fix” will be available.

Like I said before, there shouldn’t be any concerns when it comes to the United States, because Google has a bunch of time to make the corrections needed in fixing this volume bug. This isn’t out of the norm, especially when new software and hardware launch together, these problems happen a lot. Last year, the iPhone 4 had a call drop problem, now the current iPhone 4s has a battery drain issue, so hopefully, this will just be a minor issue.

[via Android Police]


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