See almost every Apple product in 30 seconds

If you’re a die-hard Android or Windows Phone fan (do those exist), then you may want to skip this post because this is going to be an ode to Apple. This really neat YouTube video shows nearly every Apple design that’s come out in a neat and tidy 30 seconds.

You see many pieces of Apple tech which can bring up nostalgia or even some rage. I still hate the one-button mouse and the Newton was a joke – or if you want to be kind, it was too ahead of its time for its own good. What really stands out to me in the rapid procession of products is that the iPhone gets a few seconds to stand out. It should.

It seems silly now but the iPhone was never a guaranteed hit and Steve Jobs said he would be happy to sell 10 million in the first year. It sold 37 million iPhones last quarter. The iPhone business alone is generated more revenue last quarter than all of Microsoft. Today’s stock results have also pushed Apple to being worth more than Google and Microsoft combined.

Remember, Apple was on the brink of destruction when Jobs came back, so this video is kind of a timeline to its meteoric rise to the top.

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