DOJ approves Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility

Reuters is reporting that the Department of Justice has approved the $12.5 billion merger of Google and Microsoft. This decision follows closely on the heels of the EU which also rubber stamped the deal today. The DOJ concluded that this acquisition and the two others it was reviewing, were “unlikely to substantially lessen competition.” They also were “not likely to significantly change existing market dynamics.”

This brings Google one step closer to completing its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, a merger which will give Google both Motorola’s handset division and a patent library that includes over 17,000 patents and 6,800 patent applications. This treasure trove of intellectual property will hopefully bolster its defense against future infringement cases targeting Android.

[Via Reuters]

  • Anonymous

    OK Google , great job, now go and crush Apple, or at least get them to stop suing all your partners . Also, stomp out this galaxy nexus ban Apple is trying to pull.

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