Ms. Splosion Man coming to iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7

Have you been playing games on your iOS or Windows Phone 7 device and wish your games were just a bit more ‘splodier? I know I do and that’s why I was excited to hear one of my favorite Xbox Live Arcade games, Ms. Splosion Man, is making its way to both iOS & WP7 platforms this Summer.

Ms. Splosion Man is a follow-up game to developer Twisted Pixel’s hit game, Splosion Man. The game takes place directly after the events of Splosion Man as the scientists of Big Science have successfully captured Splosion Man. As the scientists celebrated, they accidentally created Ms. Splosion Man, who takes it upon herself to go absolutely nuts through the Big Science facility and beyond.

The iOS and WP7 version of Ms. Splosion Man won’t be a simple port of the game. Instead, the developers will be offering a unique experience built specifically for iOS & WP7 devices. The game will deliver familiar content, but with a set of new features, objectives, and gameplay modes. Twisted Pixel pointed out they’d like to take full advantage of the iOS hardware for that version of the game and are already planning to deliver post-launch content through regular updates.

Today’s news is just another confirmation that Microsoft is starting to embrace the iOS platform, as well as show continued support for their WP7 platform. I’m curious to see if both iOS & WP7 versions of Ms. Splosion Man will be released at the same time, or if Microsoft will hold back the iOS version in order to promote the game’s limited exclusivity on the WP7 platform. Either way, this is certainly a game that will play extremely well on mobile devices and should be on everyone’s radar.

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